السبت، 19 مارس 2016

Girl educates fox like a pet dog

It may seem as if we were watching the clip from the Disney movie - but Fox thought he would like a dog. The tame animal after it was rescued when he was four months old cub was brought up like an animal from a pet before Amalikth Emma de Silva. Since then, Fox chose a number of dogs, such as the tail wag properties, playing with toys, and even walk with its owner chain.

Walking animals aged 11 months with Ms. de Silva dedicated to dogs in the local park walkway, and also slept in a dog house in the barn inside the park, and playing with other dogs and even wag its tail when it's feeding time.

Said Emma, ​​25, from Stanfield: 'It was like Mstont because he has never lived in the wild. "I look after him since he was about four months of age because the former owners did not uninterested him.

People always come to me and ask me if actually Ka Fox Is able to touch, it is very playful with me being at me and wag its tail when mealtime also loves Tickle in the stomach comes. She said that to enter the house but we have built his own home abroad because it is favored by all inside. It's like dogs but is more excessive in motion and he likes to play with the dogs all the time.