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Once in a small village, that was a yellow house in

The yellow house
Once in a small village, that was a yellow house in the end of the street, it was big and no body was live in it, a three boys go to that yellow house, they find in it an old furniture and a library, that was a lot of books about a famous and old people from 1465 to 1799, but one book was about animal’s the date of that book was 1958, and its newer than another books in the library, Jonny open that book, and he saw a letter, after that he take a letter read it :.
Dear Mr.Karlos..
Thank you for the information it was very good and I can continue my book with it, have a gift for you it’s a very important and expansive thing, but you want to search about it in your yellow house.
..With my love..
Jonny say: Wow I feel it’s will be a funny adventure.. What about you?
Arsy: I don’t think that so, I feel that’s will be boring..And you Tom?
Tom: No problem about it, let’s discover more, that’s will e better.
Jonny: let’s go.
Arsy: I don’t want to go.

Jonny: As you like, that’s will e better without you, because you afraid.
Arsy: Shut up, I’ll don’t go with you because you talking too much.
Jonny: Whatever?!
Tom: Let’s go.
Arsy go out and the other boy’s was discovering the yellow house. “Tom come here and see this”, Tom say:”What do you fond? a map?”, Jonny: “No, I find a key”, Tom take the key and go with Jonny to search about the door, but when they found the door and open it, that was a fair in the yellow house, they run out of house quickly, but before they go out, Jonny fall down, Jonny scream: “Help me Tom”, next Tom stopped and come back to help his friend, but Jonny’s foot was broke near a big box, when tom open that box he find a gold, but if he take Jonny with him he will can’t take the gold box. Tom didn’t have a time “Jonny or the gold box”, but in the end Tom say the friend is more important than the gold, and quickly Tom and Jonny exit from the yellow house, and they go to the doctor. After tow week’s,Jonny and Tom go to see what happened to the yellow house, but they didn’t see anything, Tom say: “I’ am sorry, I can’t save a gold box, I can’t save anything”, Jonny laugh and say: “No problem the letter is with me now, and the stamp in the letter is unique and expensive.