الأحد، 20 مارس 2016

Rowe dog is believed to be a kangaroo

Do you think for a moment that there are common denominators between the dog and kangaroo ?, with puppy Rowe, aged five months will not think twice because this puppy only on the rear legs moving and will not differentiate between him and the kangaroo.

Dog with black and white color was rescued last year when he was a few weeks in Craiova, Romania. They are born without legs front legs, and in this case possible to be attacked or be gunned down by other dogs in the street.

Has been found by British charity was brought to their headquarters in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, at the age of 16 weeks. They jump up on hind legs, which only grants the title Roo.

Been adopted by Nikki have, a nurse at the age of 50 years and her husband Ian have, fireman, aged 52, from Morpeth, Roe does not know the reason for people's attention intense out and they are different from the rest of her sex, where people stop to look to them and most of them believed to be a kangaroo .