الاثنين، 29 أغسطس 2016

A New Wolf

The story of the three little pigs has been passed down for many generations. I, Little Mean Wolf, the grandson of Big Bad Wolf has vowed to take revenge on the three little pigs, now the three old pigs.

After many days, I thought of a plan. I asked my father, Big Stingy Wolf what the pigs feared most and my father answered, " Lions! " I took out my lion costume that I had used last year for the play "The Wizard of Oz."

 I went out in my lion costume and went to the three old pigs' house. When I got near to the house the three pigs caught me with a net. I cried and wailed but soon after that, they let me go and even forgave me. They knew that I was not a real lion because I could not roar like a real one.

From then on, I turned over a new leaf and changed my name to Small Good Wolf. I and three old pigs' grandsons, Small Cute Pig, Small Gentle Pig and Small Adorable Pig became good friends. Somebody was not happy that I had made new friends and he was my father, Big Stingy Wolf.

The pigs were going to move out and I had to choose between my family or go away with my friends. I had been happier since I learnt about Jesus from the three old pigs so I decided to follow my friends and learn more about Jesus. I followed them to the jungle where I had a lot of fun. I learnt more about Jesus from the Bible (International Animals' Version). I accepted Jesus as my Saviour and became a Christian